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NVASeasonChicago Untouchables Clinch the Playoffs

June 22, 20210

The Chicago Untouchables have clinched the seventh seed of the playoffs after narrowly escaping a hot and desperate L.A Blaze team. The Blaze were hot on the Untouchables trail as they were one point behind going into the two teams playing each other on Sunday. The L.A Blaze had to win the game in three or four sets to beat the Untouchables in sets won ratio to continue into the playoffs, but fortunately for the Chicago Untouchables the L.A Blaze loss in five to Orlando’s Southern Exposure and it sealed the deal for Chicago. The Chicago Untouchables is one of three new teams added to the NVA this year, and along with the Texas Tyrants, made it into the playoffs as a new team. This can be seen as a huge success for the Chicago Untouchables, and as the NVA as a whole as it demonstrates the high level volleyball that is present in every corner of the nation. 

What does all this mean for the Chicago Untouchables? Well to begin, it allows the Chicago Untouchables to use their record as a recruiting tactic to bring in more players from the Chicago area, as it is known that about five guys on the team are not from the Chicago area, but are transplants from all over the nation. Although this is a big win for the city of Chicago, it is also a big win for the sport of volleyball, as it has been dominated by west coast communities for so long, with a midwest team making it into playoffs by beating out a Los Angeles based team, and for a Texas Team to be the number one overall seed in the tournament, it is safe to say volleyball is growing as a whole across the nation. 

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