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NVASeasonFull Recap of Event Three

June 20, 20210

Stunners Victory Over Untouchables Keeps Their Playoff Hopes Alive

Before New Jersey the Stunners strengthen their roster with two new setters, #43 Nikola Dmitruevic and #27 Roberto Ramirez and a libero, Josh Ayzenberg to their roster. 

Untouchables established the middle with a kill from #18 Thomas Burrell but quickly gave up the lead to the Stunners with a service and hitting error. Middle blocker #22 Nick Amado scored the first Stunners point on a block. Both teams battled back and forth until 4-4. A line kill by #7 Joey Jarvis, Untouchables’ hitting error and two consecutive service aces by Amado increased the Stunners’ lead to 8-4. After a kill by Untouchables’ middle blocker #20 Matt Buffum, the Stunners stared several mini runs on kills by Jarvis, #6 Cory Chavers and #9 Nick West and blocks by West and Chavers for a 16-9 lead. Scoring for Untouchables came from kills by Buffum, #9 Jake Milnaziak and #6 Eddie Keesecker. After the Stunners scored on a kill by #15 Jaire Sanchez-Santiago, the Untouchables only scored two points the rest of the set on Stunners’ service errors. The Stunners closed out the set with kill by Santiago, block by West and service ace by Jarvis. The set ended on a Untouchables’ hitting error 25-12. 

Untouchables had a better start in set number two and took an early 6-3 lead on kills by Burrell, Milnaziak, Keesecker and Buffum. Stunners slowly cut the lead and eventually tied the set at 11-11 on kills by West, Chavers and Jarvis and blocks by West and Amado and service ace by Ramirez. A line kill by Jarvis gave the Stunners a 12-11 lead. But the Untouchables’ scrappy play helped them retake the lead at 15-14 from a tool by Milnaziak; and increased their lead to 23-20 after a cross court kill by Keesecker. The Untouchables won the set on a Stunners’ service error 25-22. 

Stunners opened the third set with a 4-0 lead from a tip kill by Amado, two Untouchables’ hitting errors and a Santiago kill off of an Untouchable overpass. A Stunners’ service error killed the run and Milnaziak followed up with a service ace for a 4-2 score. Back-to-back service aces by Chavers increase the lead to 7-2. Untouchables rallied back with a three short scoring runs on kills by Keesecker, Burrell, and #15 Nick Ramos to cut the lead to 12-11. But Stunners kept their composure and increased their lead back to as many as five points at 20-15 after a West service ace. Untouchables attempted a rally with a service ace from #4 setter Ian Capp and kills by Burrell and Buffum but fell short. The set ended on a line kill by Jarvis 25-21. 

Although the Untouchables scored first and took an early lead in the fourth set the Stunners dominated the set after a block by West gave them a 3-2 lead. Stunners increased their lead to 8-4 after kills by Santiago, West and Jarvis. Much of the Untouchables’ scores for the remainder the set came from the Stunners’ 7 service errors. The only real Untouchables’ points came from a service ace by Ramos and kills by Keesecker, Ramos, and Burrell. Stunners scored on kills by Chavers, Amado, Santiago and Jarvis. The set and match ended on an Untouchables’ service error. 

Stunners’ Joey Jarvis and Untouchables’ Eddie Keeseckder led all players with 15 kills each. Followed by Stunners’ Cory Chavers and Jaire Santiago with 11 and Untouchables’ Thomas Burrell scored 9 kills and Jake Milnaziak with 7 kills. 


Tyrants’ High Energy and Aggressive Play Factors in Sweep of Untouchables  

Untouchables scored the first point of the match on a roll kill by #4 setter Ian Capp and their second point on a service ace by Capp. Tyrants scored their first clean point at 5-3 from #15 MB Ryan Maune. Untouchables increased their lead to 12-7 after two Tyrants’ hitting errors. But the Untouchables’s hitters struggled to find the court and committed 3 hitting errors in a row that cut their lead to one point 13-12. Untouchables increased their lead again to 3 points after a kill by #16 MB Paul Bilanzic to 16-13. Tyrants rallied to tie the score at 20-20 after a block by #22 MB Austen Lovett and then took the lead on a kill from #1 Anthony Robinson after an Untouchables overpass. Untouchables rallied back to tie the score at 23-23 after a kill by #18 MB Thomas Burrell. Both teams sided-out to 25-25. Tyrants took a 26-25 lead on a kill by Lovett after another Untouchables’ overpass. Then won the set from on a Untouchables’ hitting error 28-26.

In set number two the Tyrants scored the first four points that began with an Untouchables’ service error. And then scored the next three points from a bic kill by #9 Gianluca Grasso and two kills by Robinson to 4-0. The Untouchables scored their first clean point at 5-2 on a kill by Bilanzic. Two consecutive hitting errors by the Tyrants cut the lead to one point at 9-8. The Untouchables tied the match at 10-10 from a kill by Capp and Tyrants’ hitting error. Tyrants kept the lead on a kill and service ace by Lovett to 13-11. Both teams cleaned-up their play and sided-out well. Untouchables scored on kills by Burrell, Ragland, #11 Kyle Schwede and #9 Jake Milnaziak. Torndoes scored on kills by Maune, Grasso, #16 Daniel Jacobs and block by Lovett. Tyrants won the set on a block from Jacobs 25-20.

Tyrants took the lead on the first point from an Untouchable service error. The teams exchanged leads on kills from Schwede, Milnaziak, Burrell and Ragland for the Untouchables and two kills from Maune for the Tyrants. At 5-5 the Tyrants took the lead from an Untouchables’ hitting error and then added to it on a kill by Grasso and service ace by Maune for a 8-5 lead. Tyrants kept their 3-point lead on kills by Maune, Robinson, Grasso and Jacobs. And Untouchables scored on kills by Schwede, #15 Rick Ramos, Burrell and Bilanziac. The Untouchables cut the lead to 22-21 after consecutive kills by Burrell and Ramos. But the Tyrants scored the next two points from a Grasso kill and Untouchables’ hitting error; and then won the set and match on a kill by Jacobs 25-22. 

Gianluca Grasso led all players with 14 kills. His Tyrant teammates Daniel Jacobs had 9 kills and Anthony Robinson had 8 kills. Untouchables were led by Kyle Schwede with 10 kills, Paul Bilanzic and Thomas Burrell with 8 kills each and Will Ragland 6 kills. Tyrants also scored points on 3 service aces and 7 blocks. And Untouchables on 3 service aces and 2 blocks. 


Stingers Detain Untouchables in 5 Sets

Untouchables took a 5-0 lead from two Stingers’ hitting errors and two block bsy #16 MB Paul Bilanzic and 1 block #4 Ian Capp. Stingers scored their first point from an Untouchables’ hitting error and scored their first clean point on a kill by#15 Inovel Romero to 6-4. While the Untouchables scored points from kills by #6 Eddie Keesecker, #10 Dan Nugent and #20 MB Matt Buffum, the Stingers battled back with kills by #10 Jake Langlois and #17 MB Cory Metcalf, service ace by Langlois and Untouchables’ hitting error to tie the score 12-12. Untouchables increased their lead to 16-13 after  a Bilanzic kill, Capp service ace and two kills by Keesecker. Stingers cut the lead to 20-18 after a kill by Romero, 3 kills by Langlois and 1 kill by Metcalf. But only scored one point the rest of the set from an Untouchables’ hitting error. The Untouchables scored five of the last six points on block by Bilanzic, service ace by #2 Moises Lopez, kill by Keesecker, block by and service ace by Capp and won 25-19. 

Set number two mirrored set number one with same score but different winner. Untouchables took the early lead on kills by Capp, Bilanzic, Keesecker, Buffum, #10 Dan Nugent and Lopez block for an 8-6 score. Stingers scored from 4  Untouchables’ errors and kills by Langlois and Metcalf. Stingers tied the score at 10-10 from an Untouchables service error and took the lead on a kill by Romero to 11-10. Then increased their lead on a mini run from a Mencia block and two kills by Romero to 16-12. After a Langlois block, Untouchables’ hitting error and Romero ace the Stingers had a 6-point lead 20-14. Untouchables score the next 4 points on 2 kills by Capp, service ace by Lopez and block by Capp. Stingers scored five of the last six points that started with a monster kill by Langlois, Untouchables’ hitting error, kill by Metcalf and joust by Langlois. The set ended on an Untouchables net call and Stingers won 25-19.

In set number three Stingers took the early lead on back-to-back kills by Langlois and Untouchables’ hitting error to 3-0. Capp scored the first point for the Untouchables on a tool. Stingers kept their 3 point lead on kills by Langlois, Metcalf and Mencia to 12-9. During this run Untouchables scored on kills a block and kill by Keesecker and kills by Buffum, Bilanzic and Nugent. Untouchables started a mini run with a Buffum kill, Nugent block and Capp kill and tied the score 13-13. Stingers countered back with two kills by Romero for a 16-14 lead and then increased their lead to 20-17 from a Metcalf kill. In the next seven possessions the Untouchables committed three two hitting and one service error and only one clean kill by Bilanzic. The Stingers closed out the set with kills by Metcalf, block by Langlois and kill by Langlois for a 25-19 win. 

Stingers scored the first point on a Langlois kill and kept the lead until a service ace by Capp gave the Untouchables a 2-1 lead. While the Stingers sided-out well, their service errors allowed the Untouchables to keep their 1 point lead. At 12-11 the Stingers started a mini run that began with a net call on the Untouchables, followed by kills from #2 Carson Heniger and Romero that tied the score 13-13. But the Untouchables rallied back with one kill by Nugent and back-to-back kills by Capp for a 16-13 lead. Stingers sided-out well on kills by Heninger and Romero and then cut the lead to 18-16 from a service ace by Romero. For the rest of the set the Untouchables committed three hitting errors and one service error but hung on for the win. At 24-21 Untouchables scored on a Buffum kill and then won the set on a Stingers’ hitting error 25-21. 

Untouchables scored the first point on a Stingers’ service error. Langlois scored the first point for the Stingers and tied the score 1-1. Bilanzic scored the first clean point for the Untouchables for a 2-1 lead. Stinger took their first lead after a Metcalf kill and net call on the Untouchables 4-3. Untouchables sided-out well with kills by Keesecker, Nugent, Capp and Bilanzic and stayed within three points of the Stingers. But the Untouchables also committed service errors that kept them for launching a rally. At 11-9 Stingers scored on a Metcalf kill to 12-9 and then committed a service error to 12-10. The Untouchables only scored two more points. One on a Stingers’ service error and Capp kill. The Stingers scored on two kills by Mencia and won the set and match on a kill by Romero 15-12.

Jake Langlois led all players with 25 kills. His teammates Inovel Romero collected 16 kills and Metcalf 9 kills. For the Untouchables Ian Capp had 14 kills, followed by Paul Bilanzic and Eddie Keesecker each with 12 kills, Matt Buffum 9 kills and Dan Nugent 7 kills. Stingers also scored on 4 aces and 5 blocks. And Untouchables on 4 aces and 12 blocks. 


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