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August 23, 20210
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Finishing off an impressive first season with the NVA, Paul Bilanzic has ranked as one of the top middles after the 2021 Season. Finishing as 4th overall in total blocks (19), 5th in blocks per set (19/33), and 4th overall in hitting efficiency (72/141). Even more, Paul helped push his untouchables team into their first-ever playoff appearance in only their first year in the league. But this has not been the only success that Paul has seen this year!

In January, Tall Paul was officially sworn in by the Supreme Court of Illinois, formally opening the Paul D. Bilanzic Law Firm. This momentous occasion came after he graduated from John Marshal Law School and passed the Illinois Bar Exam in December of 2020. Starting his career as an attorney, he now has his fancy corner office all set up and has already been helping his community with their legal needs. Along with his law license hanging on the wall, Paul proudly hangs his Park University jersey showing everyone his fond memories of becoming the 2012 and 2014 NAIA National Champion. Just another way to show his clients the level of excellence that Paul strives for every day in his work.

“Going through law school, passing the BAR exam, and working as an attorney has taught me the value of preparation. In law school, you must prepare yourself to read and digest information quickly and then act under pressure. Mental and physical preparation are skills that help me to succeed in both fields. I use the same routine to get ready for trial in court as I use leading up to an NVA game.”

“The most important thing I’ve taken away from the NVA to my job is the importance of having a solid team spirit. I’m so blessed to be playing with such a cohesive group of guys. We Snapchat and group message almost daily. My team has taught me the value of working in a healthy, happy, and friendly environment. There is no better feeling turning around from a big kill or block to have all 12 of my teammates already off the bench jumping up and down, cheering with me. As I build my law firm over the upcoming years, I plan to create that same kind of unity and brotherhood that I experienced with Untouchables teammates amongst my staff.” – Paul D. Bilanzic, Untouchables #16

The Untouchables are happy to see the strides that Paul has made both as a professional athlete and in his own professional career in law. He’s a great individual representing the Chicago community both in court and on the court, playing with Untouchables in the NVA.

Suppose you’re located in Chicago and want a free legal consultation. In that case, you can find the Paul D. Bilanzic Law Firm for one on Facebook and message Paul there. Specializing in Real Estate, Criminal Justice, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, and Business Law, he’s sure to help with whatever legal needs you might have! Or you can follow Tall Paul (@paul2tall4yall) on Instagram and Twitter if you want to see what the life of a professional athlete and attorney looks like. Otherwise, Tall Paul with surely be back again this season to make another push to bringing Chi-Town its first even NVA Cup Championship.

– NVA Staff Writer

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