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RosterSeasonToo Tall Paul Builds a Wall

May 24, 20210

The Chicago Untouchables had their debut showing this past April and were on a blocking mission led by none other than “Too Tall Paul” Bilanzic. Paul Bilanzic is seven feet tall and already has a deep success story as a volleyball player. Paul played at Park University, Missouri, where he was a blocking force, helping the Rangers win two NAIA championships back to back. Paul now has taken his elite ability and extraordinary height to the NVA, where he is leading the team with 6 blocks and is 5th overall. As the season progresses, you will see the Untouchables become a demanding force in the NVA, using its deep Chicago history to consistently bring new players to the floor to help them. One thing that is very interesting in Chicago is that the volleyball nucleus in Chicago is very tight, and revolves around recreational leagues such as the infamous “Polish League” that is held every sunday. Paul has been retaining his volleyball skill playing in these recreational leagues and his pristine blocking ability still shows to this day. The Chicago Untouchables will no doubt be coming to Atlantic City with a vengeance and drive to push their standings up. Watch the Untouchables this weekend, May28th-30th in Atlantic City as they take on the Dallas Tornadoes, the Ontario Matadors, and Southern Exposure.

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